Monday, April 13, 2009

Make mistakes!

I am not one for perfection. I am a "driver" who gets things done as quickly as possible. This can sometimes go against me and be my kryptonite. Or does it? As we all know the day is constant, like surging waves that keep pushing us back in to the shore. If I can see a short cut I will usually take it. By no means does this detract on the teaching and learning that happens. I make mistakes. I am human. Does this make me a hypocrite because I go against exactly what I try to instill in the students? That proofreading and editing and revising are essential when writing or planning your work. Instead, I get whatever it is I have to do done as quickly as I can. I am a master at showing the students that I make mistakes because I am aware of who I am. I use this to model how to laugh it off and that it is okay to make mistakes as long as we can recognize them and learn from them. Be open and honest about making mistakes. Don't shield students from it. By making mistakes you are removing huge barriers and a deep level of fear that students often feel when they make mistakes. It is all about keeping to your strengths and finding ways to see the value in weaknesses and growing from them in positive ways. If you are a perfectionist then try making mistakes. Show students that you are human. It's worth every bit!

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