Monday, April 27, 2009

Is Energy the fifth element?

We’re thinking we may need to change the name of our Blog to 5 Core Elements as we’ve been talking a lot recently about energy. At certain times throughout the year, for a variety of reasons, our energy has dwindled and, exponentially, so has our ability to ensure that the 4 Core Elements (Engagement, Experience, Empowerment and Evidence) are present in everything that we do. Chad said it has become like a formula, that the original 4 Es were reliant on the E of Energy.

Effective Education = 4E + E

So, is it possible to teach well without a good amount of energy? Are tired, jaded, bored, disenchanted, complacent teachers doing a less effective job than energised, motivated, dynamic, enthusiastic, interested teachers? Are those negative feelings and emotions being passed on to their students, just as the positive feelings and emotions are undoubtedly passed on to students? It would be difficult to deny, wouldn't it?

What makes teachers
tired, jaded, bored, disenchanted and complacent? How can the rot be stopped? How can schools and administrators ensure that their teachers are energised, motivated, dynamic, enthusiastic and interested? How can curriculum achieve that?

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  1. Great post. I completely believe that tired and bored teachers can't possibly do their job properly. How can we expect to energize our students if we don't show our passion (there's that word again!) for learning.