Thursday, March 19, 2009

What steps could you take to move along the continuum?

"Get to know my students and parents more at the beginning of the year for tapping into later in the year." unknown

"Learn more about 'cyberspace' and how I can use it in my teaching." unknown

"Bring democracy into the classroom." Tracey

"Parent power, find out their strengths and interests early in the year." unknown

"Get out into the community more." unknown

"Involve parents - passive to active." Kerry

"Invite parents in more and use them as a resource." unknown

"Introduce student question/quotes/thought board in the classroom to track student thinking." Andy R.

"Teacher and student conferences to get to know each other." unknown

"Learn more about online networking tools." Chad and Sam

"I need to look beyond the school's walls and ensure more experiences and engagement." Eleanor

"More 'real world' interactions." unknown

"Give more freedom for decisions-making to the student." unknown

"Would be nice to learn more about differentiation in class." unknown

"More parent involvement, more excursions, involving students in their learning more." unknown

"Connecting via cyberspace, epenpals and skype." Teresa

"Rather than always teaching the students as a whole group, it is also important for a teacher to spend some individual time with each student." unknown

"Empower students more, involve them more in the decision-making process." Jo

"Inspire students to think in class rather than giving them stuff to read and write." unknown

"Work with my colleagues more productively." unknown

"Peers!" unknown

"Connect with students early in the year." Steve M.

"Make thinking visible." Steve M.

"Invite parents and others." Steve M.

"Move learning outside of the physical classroom more." unknown

"Include parents, more networking online." unknown

"Actually 'taking the steps' is what I would do. Not allowing 'time/people constraints' to affect me/the program." unknown

"Spend more time establishing essential agreements and involving parents." unknown

"Collaboration." unknown

"I want to do more what the children like to do." unknown

"Try to use talents within the school community." unknown

"Allow children to work on the floor more often." unknown

Responses from the workshop on Wednesday 19 March

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