Thursday, March 26, 2009

EARCOS Workshop 26/03/09

"Thanks. It was a motivating session. We're doing some good 'learning community' things, but I gained some new, exciting ideas to try. Cheers." Warren Bowers

"Start by meeting with my immediate team to explore our definition of what it means to be a community of learners." Jeff Crawford

"Thanks for inspiration and the affirmation. It is great to see the process you take your students through in order to empower them." Melissa Cooper

"Thank you for a great workshop. I like the fact that you are more focused on the students' learning than anything else. I will definitely set up teacher-student conferences at the beginning of the year. " Afaf Finan

"Get out of the classroom. Take inquiry outdoors." Sharon

"I am gonna introduce the community building concept to my friends and colleagues at Stenden University in Bangkok. I hope we can use pieces of it." Christian

"Engage the kids more in learning areas by giving them more choices about what they what to learn that day." Unknown

"I was getting a little bored of my job as I've been teaching the same things for 8 years. I am inspired to make some changes. Thanks." Unknown

"Connect people through common interest. In and out of the classroom." Jess

"I think involving the parents right from the start is essential. I really like the idea of bringing them into the classroom at the beginning, middle and end of a unit." Rosanna Ellis

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