Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Student-Led Conferences

We believe that Student-Led Conferences are the single most important day in our students' school lives. However, they're useless if the students are not in control or if they lose control to their parents during the conference. How many times do we see an unprepared kid lose control of their conference because their parents have started picking holes in their work, finding errors or demanding to see things? It's all about empowering students so that they can be the boss. It's all about giving them strategies that they can use in order to put them in control.

Here's a checklist that we're using this year to get our students ready for their Student-Led Conferences. Some of it is very specific to our curriculum and to our students, but it may help you get ideas as you plan for yours. And... if your school doesn't run Student-Led Conferences, it's time they did!!!

What are your experiences of Student-Led Conferences? What resources do you use to prepare the kids for them?

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